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  • North Carolina Summit Retreat on Craft, March 2002

    CCCD hosted a two-day retreat for 13 national leaders in the field of craft, who met to identify initiatives that would advance craft in academia and the curatorial world. A White Paper (executive summary) was then circulated to more than 80 craft leaders across the country for additional comment. The editing and publishing of the full Proceedings of the Retreat, supported with a grant from the American Craft Council, took place in the 2002 summer. Through a facilitated process, the retreat participants built on their collective experiences to identify a unifying issue that shaped the conversation: How to place craft in a larger cultural context. With a focus on this theme, the group prioritized academia, museums and creators/makers as the top three target audiences.

    Think Tank Report – 2002


    Study Confirms Affordable Housing and Studio Need for Artists/Creatives in Asheville; Proposes Solutions

    In 2015, The Center for Craft, in partnership with the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, commissioned Minneapolis-based Artspace Consulting to conduct a preliminary feasibility assessment and report as the first step towards developing affordable space solutions for artists and the creative sector in Asheville, North Carolina. Artspace Consulting recently submitted their preliminary feasibility assessment findings, which confirm the need for affordable housing and workspaces for artists and creatives.


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