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    Graduate Research Grants

    2 out of 5 Graduate Research proposals awarded

    Caroline M. Hannah Bard Graduate Center, NYC – $10,000
    Dissertation research that considers the craft and design of Henry Varnum Poorhis seminal ceramics, furniture interiors, and architecture in broader contexts, challenging prevailing notions of the arts in the early 20th century.

    Kimberly Hyde, Case Western Reserve University – $10,000
    L.C. Tiffany was the most successful designer of the late 19th century. Yet scholars have not thoroughly explored his design process. My study will analyze female designers and craftswomen’s roles in producing this work.

    Project Grants

    6 out of 31 Project Grant proposals awarded

    Diane Douglas and Vicki Halper – $15,000

    Supporting research for Voices in Studio Crafts, a social history of the American studio crafts movement, 1945-2005, based on annotated writings and transcribed words of the artists in the field.

    Alexandra Griffith Winton – $15,000

    Supporting Dorothy Liebes and the Textiles of American Modernism that explores the weaver and textile designer’s work in the artistic and cultural context of American Modernism, with a special emphasis on the relationship between her studio weavings and her designs for mass-production.

    Peter Held, Ceramic Research Center, Arizona State University Museum – $12,500
    Supporting research for the exhibition and publication Following the Rhythms of Life: The Ceramic Art of David Shaner, the first critical analysis of the artist’s body of work created over a fifty year period.

    Harold B. Nelson, Long Beach Museum of Art – $12,500

    Supporting Painting with Fire: Masters of Enameling in America 1930-1980, a comprehensive assessment of the little known studio enamels movement that emerged in the United States in the 20th Century.

    Lena Vigna, John Michael Kohler Arts Center – $10,000
    Supporting research for a publication and exhibition of lace-making as a craft tradition, historically and today, and the use of lace as medium by contemporary artists.

    Holly Hotchner, Director Museum of Arts & Design, NYC – $10,000
    Supporting a Research Assistant and trainees for The Studio Craft Movement, 1945-1965 A Community Emerges, the fourth exhibition and catalogue in MAD’s seven-part series, The Centenary Project, the first and only comprehensive history of 20th century American craft.

    Travel Grants

    Timothy John Berg, Artist, Oakland, CA – $500

    College Art Association 2006 Annual Conference, Boston Paper “Inferiority and the Complex within Ceramics,” Clay/Kitsch Panel

    Holly Hanessian, Associate Professor of Art, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL – $500

    College Art Association 2006 Annual Conference, Boston Paper “Contemporary Codex: Ceramics and the Book”, The Altered Page Panel

    2006 Craft Research Fund Selection Panel

    Robert Silberman (Professor, University of Minnesota)

    Suzanne Baizerman (Oakland Museum of California)

    Sandra Corse (fiber artist and retired professor)



    CCCD to Host Public Meeting on Affordable Housing Solutions for Artists

    On March 22 from 7-8:30 pm, The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD) and Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce will host a public meeting on affordable housing solutions for artists, craftspeople and makers. The meeting will provide the public with an opportunity to engage with and learn from Artspace, a national non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, MN that specializes in creating, owning and operating affordable housing and studio/business space for artists and creative sector businesses.


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