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    Graduate Research Grants

    5 out of 13 Graduate Research Grant proposals awarded

    Sandra Jenkins, Corcoran College of Arts & Design – $5,000

    Master’s thesis research on the National Society of Craftsmen (1906-1920): The society’s role in the evolution of twentieth-century craft, from the American Arts and Crafts Movement to the inception of the Studio Craft Movement.

    John T. Synder, East Carolina University – $10,000

    This project will explore the development of the United States handcrafted guitar tradition by chronicling its evolution from a 1960s cultural anachronism to a present day fully cultivated craft widely hailed as the “Golden Age” of guitar construction.

    Gabriel Craig, Virginia Commonwealth University – $3,500

    Gabriel Craig will lead and interdepartmental coalition at VCU in the study of Aesthetic/ Arts and Crafts Movement materials currently in the collection of G. Krug and Son, the oldest continuously operating ironworks in the country.

    Jennifer Lindsay, Corcoran College of Arts & Design – $5,000

    To conduct primary research in archives and museum collections to support the development of a thesis (M.A. + H.D.A) on Mary Walker Phillips, knitting, and the Cranbrook Educational Experience.

    Scott Perkins, Bard Graduate Center – $3,500

    Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design & Culture. This project will examine the career of Eugene Beyer Masselink (1911-1962) including designs for wall murals, decorative screens, and graphics for Frank Lloyd Wright’s public and private commissions while at the Taliesin Fellowship.

     Project Grants

    5 out of 19 Project Grant proposals awarded

    Mark Shapiro – $10,000

    Support research, editing and writing of a monograph on the ceramic artist Karen Karnes that will accompany a major museum retrospective.

    Maria Elena Buszek – $15,000

    Extra/Ordinary: Craft Culture and Contemporary Art is a scholarly anthology comprised of sixteen original essays reflecting a spectrum of perspectives on the recent explosion of comtemporary artists’ uses of craft media.

    Stephanie Zollinger – $15,000

    While there has been much attention and excitement to the aesthetic side of Jack Lenor Larsen’s work, this research would be the first to document the process by which Larsen designs were initiated, brought to production and marketed.

    Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, North Bennett Street School – $12,900

    Christine Compston, Phd., researcher Complete research and write a history of the North Bennett Industrial School, tracing the evolution of a pioneering institution in craft education through 125 years of cultural and economic change.

    Betty Bright – $15,000

    To reveal the forces behind the renewal of the craft of letterpress printing for the 21st century, through context (1980-), close study of 3 printers, and analysis of the author’s 12-month immersion in studio work and at U.S. conferences.

    2008 Craft Research Fund Selection Committee

    Beverly Brandt (Professor, Arizona State University)

    Vicki Halper, (Independent Curator and Writer)

    Cindi Strauss (Curator, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)

    Catherine Whalen (Professor, Bard Graduate Center)


    Artspace Survey Launch: Counting Asheville Artists & Creatives for Affordable Housing Solutions

    The Center for Craft and Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive community outreach campaign and survey to quantify affordable housing and space options for Asheville’s artists, makers, performers and creatives. The Arts Market Survey, with a tagline of “Keep Asheville Creative,” is the next step to addressing community need as part of a bigger project to develop live/work, mixed-use-model development for the creative sector in Asheville.


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