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    The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design is pleased to announce the ten 2010 Windgate Fellows, selected from 92 applications representing 50 universities from throughout the United States.  Each Windgate Fellow, a graduating senior whose work relates to craft, will receive $15,000 to complete a proposal presented in his/her application.  This is the fourth year of the Windgate Fellowship awards, a program supported by the Windgate Charitable Trust and administered by the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design.

    In the fall of 2009, universities with a strong craft program were invited to each nominate two graduating seniors for this prestigious fellowship.  The students then completed an online application, with images of their work and an outline of an 18 month proposal that would propel their career forward after they complete their undergraduate degree.  A panel reviewed the applications and met in late March to review finalists and select the ten fellows.   

    The selection panel has made their selection of the 10 applicants to receive 2010 Windgate Fellowships of $15,000 each.  The quality of applications was the highest to date so the process was difficult.  The 2010 selection panel included: Jan Katz, Curator, Center for Southern Craft and Design, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans; Harriet Green,Visual Arts Director, South Carolina Arts Commission; Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, Executive Director, North Bennet Street School, Boston; and Stoney Lamar, wood/metal sculptor and Windgate Foundation representative, Saluda, NC.  Panel members scored each application on line then met March 26 to select the ten 2010 winners from finalists.

    Dustin Farnsworth, BFA Woodworking/Functional Art (May 2010) Kendall College of Art and Design; Images (PDF) Website
    Amy Hamai, BA, Metal (May 2010) San Diego State University; Images (PDF)
    Daniel Icaza, BFA Metals/Jewelry (May 2010) Arizona State University; Images (PDF)  Website
    Alexis Myre, BFA, Jewelry/metal arts (December 2009) California College of the Arts; Images (PDF)  Website
    Rachael Nyhus, BFA, Metal Arts (May 2010) California College of the Arts (and Crafts); Images (PDF)  Website
    Benjamin Reid, BFA sculpture (December 2009) University of North Carolina Asheville; Images (PDF) 
    David Skaurud, BFA Furniture (December 2009) Minneapolis College of Art and Design; Images (PDF) Website
    David Stock, BFA Glass (December 2009) California State University – Chico; Images (PDF)
    Abigail Waltz-Hill, BFA Fibers (May 2010) Arizona State University; Images (PDF)
    Thoryn Ziemba, BFA glass (May 2010) Tennessee Tech University; Images (PDF)  Website


    Artspace Survey Launch: Counting Asheville Artists & Creatives for Affordable Housing Solutions

    The Center for Craft and Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive community outreach campaign and survey to quantify affordable housing and space options for Asheville’s artists, makers, performers and creatives. The Arts Market Survey, with a tagline of “Keep Asheville Creative,” is the next step to addressing community need as part of a bigger project to develop live/work, mixed-use-model development for the creative sector in Asheville.


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