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    Each year, ten graduating seniors working in a craft medium or process are awarded a $15,000 Windgate Fellowship Award. Over 100 colleges and universities across the country are invited to nominate two applicants for the online panel selection process.

    On Friday, April 11, The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design hosted the selection panel to name the 2014 Windgate Fellows.  The selection process presents a rare opportunity to survey the best and brightest emerging makers in the field of craft. We are honored to continue the important legacy of this program – one that gives these emerging artists both the validation and financial resources to pursue their dreams.

    This year, we received 112 nominations from 67 Universities. These 112 nominations were given a thorough and thoughtful review by the panel which included: Susan Cummins, Director of the Rotasa Foundation, and  founder of  Art Jewelry ForumSuzanne Isken, the Director of the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles; Steven Young Lee, the Resident Artist Director at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, and a contemporary artist working in ceramics and mixed media; and Alexis Myre, a 2010 Windgate Fellowship Award recipient and graduate from California College of the Arts with a BFA in jewelry/metal arts.

    The selection panel advanced 31 candidates to the final round for further consideration.  During the in-person meeting on April 11, the panel reviewed each proposal by these 31 candidates, deliberated the online score results, and selected the ten Fellows.  We had a moving day in the afternoon and caught all 10 on the phone to inform them of the great news.

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    Samantha Bachman, Penn State University, Ceramics

    Award Proposal

    I propose to visit the museums of several European porcelain manufacturers to study the history and current production of figurines. I will attend a workshop and symposium at the International Ceramics Studio and finally, I will outfit a studio to continue my growth as an artist.


    Shenequa Brooks, Kansas City Art Institute, Fiber & Textiles

    Award Proposal

    This fellowship would allow me the opportunity to travel to Volta Region, Ghana to learn with master weaver Sebastian Dayi in Afiadenyiba. As well as traveling to Atlanta to attend the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show and Madame CJ Walker Museum to research contemporary hair styles for African American women.


    Norman Cramer, SUNY Buffalo State, Wood & Furniture

    Award Proposal

    I plan on traveling through the U.S. to visit museums, graduate schools and conferences in order to explore additional styles and techniques, giving me additional knowledge and inspiration to help create a solo-exhibition in 18 months. Along the way I will be attending the Daiku Dojo to learn Japanese joinery.


    Niki Grandics, San Diego State University, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

    Award Proposal

    Attending workshops, and an internship abroad, I will use this award to advance my technical abilities in glass and metalwork, developing the idiosyncratic processes and personal expression, which drive my need to make. Upon return, I will set up a studio to create work informed by this profound experience.


    Kassandra Huynh, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Wood & Furniture

    Award Proposal

    The Windgate Fellowship will enable me to experience neonatural design innovation across different cultures and disciplines. I plan to attend workshops and conventions that focus on creating sustainable and thriving living systems to build awareness of how I can create meaningful, efficient and effective designs through creative synergy and entrepreneurship.


    Caroline Kaufman, Pratt Institute, Fiber & Textiles 

    Award Proposal

    The Windgate funds would advance my craft, by giving me the financial freedom to purchase high quality materials and dedicate time to a professional craft based studio practice in Brooklyn New York. This fellowship would also allow me to participate in specialized classes, both in New York and other parts of the country. These programs will strengthen my technique in fiber arts practices, skills I will be able to take back to my studio and put into action for an advanced body of work.


    Katherine Lee, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Ceramics

    Award Proposal

    I will travel to classes in the United States to enhance my skills in clay, fibers, and woodworking. In addition, research on Frank Lloyd Wright’s principals and the period rooms at the Geffrye Museum in London will aid in a new series of work to be exhibited in Philadelphia.


    Rangeley Morton, Maine College of Art, Wood & Furniture

    Award Proposal

    I would use the Windgate Fellowship award to set up a benchtop prototyping lab. This micro-setup would allow me to continue my experimentation with alternative materials and CNC production. I would also expand my digital production network by conducting site visits with Matt Hebert, Uhuru, and the Material Connexion.


    Colin Pezzano, University of the Arts, Wood & Furniture

    Award Proposal

    I would travel to Amsterdam to visit museums whose collections will further my understanding of human anatomy and how it elicits emotion. Upon my return I would build a studio, allowing me to create a new body of work in response.


    Melanie Sherman, Kansas City Art Institute, Ceramics

    Award Proposal

    The award will fund a trip to Asia where I will explore the origins of porcelain. I want to evaluate the qualities of Asian wares and study commonly used materials, designs and production techniques directly with local craftsmen. I am anticipating incorporating these assets into my own body of work.



    2015 CCCD Internship Opportunities

    Each term (Spring, Summer & Fall) The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD) will recruit up to three interns to assist with special projects, lead docent tours, and/or assist with gallery administration. An internship with CCCD provides an opportunity to experience first-hand the workings of a nonprofit organization and gallery.


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