Ben Greene-Colonnese


Upon receiving a B.F.A in Glass at The Cleveland Institute of Art, I was awarded a Gund Traveling Arts Scholarship, which allowed me to travel and hike many of the national parks throughout the Western United States so that I might document and collect natural stones to serve as inspiration for a new body of work. The glass art that I am most interested in currently involves using found objects, mainly of these naturally polished or uniquely shaped stones. I then join the natural stones with cast and cold-worked glass pieces that themselves shaped and polished in such a way as to aesthetically compliment or echo those naturally occurring forms; in hopes not to compete with, but to synchronize with the natural aesthetic as an ode to something larger.

Some of my new work includes specimens taken from specific locations from my Western U.S. trip: from boulders in the Colorado Flat Irons, from rock formations near the Great Salt Lake in Utah, from mountains near Yellowstone in Wyoming, and from abandoned quarries and riverbeds in Ohio.

Additionally, as a rock-climber and lover of the natural world, I soon hope to use local granite and other native stones in and surrounding Asheville for my art. And to preserve the environment, I plan to use what I call a “Cast-and-Release” process-involving the return of rocks to the mountains after I cast them. I am looking to create work that deeply considers the connecting points between stone and glass; my goal is always to keep making as much new work as possible to fuel my never-ending passion for these materials.



Artspace Survey Launch: Counting Asheville Artists & Creatives for Affordable Housing Solutions

The Center for Craft and Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive community outreach campaign and survey to quantify affordable housing and space options for Asheville’s artists, makers, performers and creatives. The Arts Market Survey, with a tagline of “Keep Asheville Creative,” is the next step to addressing community need as part of a bigger project to develop live/work, mixed-use-model development for the creative sector in Asheville.


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