Bridge 11: Lia Cook

July 26 - November 9, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 26th 2012 5-7pm

Using self-portraiture as a visual base, Lia Cook’s current practice incorporates concepts of cloth, touch, and memory. With her use of a digital loom, digital pixels become thread as she weaves images and creates monumental works that blur distinctions between computer technology, weaving, painting, and photography. In spring 2010, Cook participated in a residency at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine called TREND (Transdisciplinary Research in Emotion, Neuroscience and Development) in collaboration with Greg Siegle—a PhD professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh—who collected computer data in real time and mapped the human brain at work in response to her woven faces as stimuli. The Bridge 11 exhibition will explore Cook’s intimate images of human faces and introduce several works from this new body of work based on her recent art-neuroscience collaboration.

This is a traveling exhibition organized by the Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Study Confirms Affordable Housing and Studio Need for Artists/Creatives in Asheville; Proposes Solutions

In 2015, The Center for Craft, in partnership with the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, commissioned Minneapolis-based Artspace Consulting to conduct a preliminary feasibility assessment and report as the first step towards developing affordable space solutions for artists and the creative sector in Asheville, North Carolina. Artspace Consulting recently submitted their preliminary feasibility assessment findings, which confirm the need for affordable housing and workspaces for artists and creatives.


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