Catharine Ellis

Artist’s Bio

Catharine Ellis is a weaver and shibori artist who led the Professional Fiber Program at Haywood Community College for 30 years before retiring in 2008. She is now devoted to studio work and traveling to teach workshops. Her original training was in traditional woven techniques, which led her to weave functional fabrics for many years, often incorporating ikat resist dyeing. Her work is defined by the discovery and exploration of the woven shibori process. In 2005, Ellis published “Woven Shibori” through Interweave Press, which provides a history of shibori and an introduction to the new technique of woven shibori.

Ellis states, “Woven shibori has challenged all that I know about weaving and has led me to investigate new materials, resists, dyes and finishing processes. The fabrics I have produced include combinations of dyed cellulose fibers, wool felting and resist, permanent shaping with thermoplastics, and woven steel with heat treatment. Continued exploration of woven shibori and its applications will define and my guide my work for many years to come.”



Most recently, Ellis explores applications of Jacquard and industrial weaving in combination with hand dyeing. She has been working in partnership with The Oriole Mill in Hendersonville, NC to develop fabrics for both chemical dyes and natural colorants.

The Oriole Mill is a unique place for textile artists and designers. It is the only place of its kind in the United States whereby a textile artist can be trained to design cloth that is then woven on industrial Jacquard looms. Catharine Ellis has worked closely with Bethanne Knudson, lead designer at The Oriole Mill and an expert on JacqCAD software used to design fabrics on the Jacquard looms. Together, they developed a woven shibori fabric using industrial loom weaving – an accomplishment no other textile artist has fully explored.


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