Clifton Monteith

Artist’s Bio

Clifton Monteith has been pushing the boundaries of furniture design through bending willow, greenwood and dried twigs for 24 years. It is through his studies in Japan in the early 1990s that he developed a philosophy to making that relates to the ancient Shinto concept of spirit being in all things. His process follows that “consciousness is vested in our work and translates to the experience of others who participate with the work when it is done.”

Since 1985, Clifton Monteith has been designing and making furniture full-time. He has lectured and given workshops at numerous universities and art schools, such as University of Michigan, Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Penland School of Crafts, Oregon College of Arts & Crafts, and Anderson Ranch Arts Center. In 1994, he studied in Japan under a Japan-US Friendship Commission Foundation Fellowship and returned to Japan in 1999 on a Japan Foundation Fellowship to study traditional natural Urushi lacquer.



Artist’s Statement

“I work with both rigid and bendable woods, in their natural state, to generate the organic forms that evolve from the interaction of these two characteristics. Frameworks of natural rigid grown forms are worked against employing the bendable willow elements to develop structures and surfaces which I feel embody an organic nature that is both from, and in harmony with, these natural materials.”


The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design launches “Craft City”

The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD) debuts a new program series this summer that honors Asheville as “Craft City.” At three outdoor pop-up studios this summer (July 7, August 4, and September 1) people of all skill levels and backgrounds can make a take-home craft under the guidance of a visiting artist.


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