Spoon | Fed

March 15 – June 15, 2013

March 15, 2013 from 5-7pm

The spoon is a very humble object. Like most functional items, it often goes unnoticed. But if we take the opportunity to look closer, a useful beauty emerges from these overlooked utensils. Indeed, it is in the details that we find a vast array of subtle, and at times not so subtle, differences – a deeper bowl, a narrower neck, a longer stem, a heavier weight.

Wes Airgood, Sarah Hurtigkarl, Joo Hyung Park, and Annie Tung are four international emerging artists who have taken up the modest form of the spoon and transformed it into something more precious than the everyday. Quite the opposite of being ‘spoon-fed’, their work asks us to see anew, to reconsider, and even re-imagine our ordinary material world.

Spoons not only serve, feed, measure, and stir, they also facilitate moments of intense gratification. Park’s series, ‘The Moment of Pleasure,’ uses hybrid cutlery to explore the sensual process of eating; spoon bowls balance on the tip of fork tines and melt over butter knives. This intimate experience is taken up in Annie Tung’s ‘Love Spoons,’ which contain lines from an erotic poem written in Braille on the back of each spoon bowl – as if you could read the poem with your tongue.

The visual, rather than the visceral, is emphasized in Airgood’s installation. His curated collections highlight the formal aspects of everyday spoons. But whereas the ordinary is important to Airgood, spoons take on a life beyond the banal for Hurtigkarl. ‘In my dreams spoon and I…,’ for example, imagines a world where spoons grow on trees and dinner party guests pluck their utensils like blossoms.

Insofar as craft consists of the skill of transformation, these artists exhibit a mastery over their trade. Sometimes this ability manifests in the form of technical virtuosity. However, in these selected works the artisanship is equally visible in the carefully crafted concepts embodied in these common objects.

Both the exhibit and reception are free and open to the public, with viewing hours 12-5 p.m. on weekdays.

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Image credit: ‘Branchlet Silver Cutlery,’ Sarah Hurtigkarl, 2012







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